‘Cafe Noir Blanc’- The much awaited shake-up of the Brasserie culture in Sri Lanka

A tranquil aura & scrumptious food in the heart of Colombo- Sri Lanka! What more you can ask for? Café Noir- which revolutionized the ‘Exclusive Brasserie culture in Colombo’ is definitely a place of aroma to visit and get a shot to know why ‘Café Noir-ized’ Caffeine stands among the rest! (positive)


The ambience at a glance was extremely welcoming with a soothing aura of luxury further enhanced with classy Parisian architecture and ‘deco’. The blend of purple and green throughout the environment was pretty fascinating especially being a lover of nature big time.


Try to make a move to the out door get-away (suggested for smokers I assume), if you prefer high-seat arrangements (like me) rather than the sofa, as the space looked extremely fascinating with green walls, pretty little chat hut and sky gazing view-Perfect for a romantic date!!



Food at Cafe Noir was great!-yes it really was and the menu keeps on improving since the first day of our visit and looks really good with many options to choose from depending on the mood and weather! 😉 All day breakfast, Pasta, Paninis, burgers, sandwiches and salads, typically seen in a high-end cafe but with many pure vegetarian options to go for-which is a huge plus! A broad variety of Coffee coming from 8 different countries over seas have paved the way Cafe Noir to stand amongst the rest when it comes to Caffeine and Brasserie.

As far as the main cuisine is concerned, a single portion of most food items, we tried was well enough for a normal tummy to be satisfied with.


Sweet potato fries (something unique we noticed at Blanc) and Potato wedges-all crispy and sizzling were ideal to define crunchy appetizers as their saltiness and mild savoriness were making us so well ready for the mains.

Sea-food platter at Cafe Noir is one of the best I have tried for a while with extremely scrumptious fish, Cuttle fish, prawns and shrimps well seasoned, cooked and presented with a coleslaw salad. Lamb chop was a dish worth trying and it was incredibly tasty with the perfect texture and tongue-pleasing spices added.

Penne Pasta with cheese we ordered was well dressed with Parsley- and looked pretty in green-but extremely filling!-If you want space for dessert it is better to keep a full stop right after the sea food platter with some small additional dish.



Hot Chocolate is something I always choose wherever I go and the one at Cafe Noir Blanc is a must try especially if you have a sweet tooth craving for sweetened cream. The real combo of Cocoa, cream and good sugar was perfect beyond expectations!


We also ordered ‘Blue Curacao’ which looked like a Turquoise ocean full of breeze and whoa! It not only quenches one’s taste but also adds a refreshing soothe to go ahead with the rest of the  chows.




Carrot cake and Chocolate Fudge, we chose for dessert were right up to the expectations carrot-cake-8just after a spicy cuisine of main meals.

The essence of sweetness and moisture were perfectly combined in the Chocolate fudge and Kudos the dessert chef in house for the super yummy Carrot cake which I loved the most-as it was neither too choc-latish nor over-filling.



The staff was super friendly and made sure to explain the nature of dishes at times thus clearing most of our doubts, before ordering food. The hint is make sure to ask for help when you feel like, because the hosts know more than us when it comes to their own food stuff.

  • Availability of valet parking is a plus especially when it comes to peak hours.

P.s: Adding a little bit of gratitude to the staff, the debit card I mistakenly left at the cashier place was sent to my home, on the very same day-all safe and sound even before I noted it wasn’t there in my wallet.




**Message to visitors-Always make sure to be wise especially when choosing sweet delicacies like cakes or fudges as too much of it for the sake of good looks and taste of first bite might give you quite a bad sugar rush!

**Message to the staff- Direct tab based ordering is good and unique but Printed menus too should be kept in hand for customers who don’t appreciate the perks of high tech when it comes to food.


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