The waffle cafe-Best waffle joint in Colombo

Super scrumptious waffles topped with any customized flavor of your choice-is the most unique feature you get to experience at the Waffle cafe, located in Kotte. Peaceful ambience and comfy seating arrangements are a plus where you will get to enjoy a soothing treat of waffles, filling tummies up with both food and satisfaction!

Potato wedges- sizzling and well spiced up was an excellent starter (Rs.500). The portion was bigger than most of the ones, we usually find at other places.


Strawberry Milk shake and Lime juice we ordered didn’t have anything to complain of-so shape!

Gini Kukula waffles (Rs.550), a sizzling and soft waffle topped with spicy chicken was amazing and a must-try if you are a non-veg craving for some tummy-filling savory to start the day with. The portion could also be ordered as two waffles (Rs.780) of the same kind and would be ideal to share.

Button Bhuthaya (Rs.550 for 1 and Rs.780 for 2) could be considered as the best choice for vegans and hits the yummiest out of the lot! There were other veg options like spinach and cheese waffles which we thought of trying next time.


Desserts! Whoa- Chocolate fudge waffles (Rs.550) took my breathe away as it was super delicious. Although I ‘m not a huge chocolate fan, this choice was so well beyond my expectations. Maple syrup waffle (Rs.450) was also full of taste and came with a cute little jar with Maple syrup and cream.


In a nut shell, savory waffles at the Waffle Cafe were unique with sweet Authentic names and Sweet-tooth waffles were so good which was worth giving a shot at ease.

Nothing bad in specific to complain of-the ambience was soothing, the staff was friendly and the overall service was excellent!

IMG-20171026-WA0096**Parking was bit of an issue but worth having a walk to this joint, because they will never make you disappointed.



2 thoughts on “The waffle cafe-Best waffle joint in Colombo

    1. Hello Sylvia. Thanks for getting in touch with us. The over all prices are fair as per a portion is concerned and let me say-its moderately budget friendly 🙂
      However, it is always wiser to 1 waffle choices at first rather than ordering 2 as it might make you over go!


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