Walking in the winter wonderland with Baked Alaska

Baked Alaska-Bake for sizzling cake and Alaska for freezing ice so the name says it all!

My first experience of Baked Alaska runs back to 4 years, which was made at the High tea-Galadari Hotel-Srilanka. The pretty looks with the good aroma made me have a bite at the first sight-and whoa!Love at first spoon just happened.baked-alaska-for-two-2

Some say Baked Alaska has a origin in France and others say it hails from the United States. No matter where it is, this dessert is a must-try if you are a moderate sweet tooth who loves trying new Nom Noms- at any cost. According to foodies, this dessert is also known as “omelette à la norvégienne” or “Norwegian omelette”, which tries to make a resemblance to the cold climate of Norway and in Honk Kong a similar recipe is called ‘Flame on the Ice berg’.

Is it baking or refrigerating?mld106677_0211_bakedalaska_sq

The dessert is prepared by placing ice-cream in a pie dish lined with layers of sponge cake or Christmas Pudding which is then topped with Meringue. This combo is then placed in a high heated oven for some time where the Meringue gets softened and Caramelized. Meringue acting as an effective Thermal Insulator will stop the heat invading the ice-cream, which will keep it ice-like which would come to the scenario with the name Baked Alaska!

Jacqueline Halliday Diaz in 1974 made this recipe of Baked Alaska easier and time saving by inventing a baking pan which creates a ice-cream fill-able hollow in the cake, following the process of baking.

February 1st is named after Baked Alaska which is usually celebrated by Hoteliers in USA-How cute!



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