BBQ Junkies-The best BBQ service in Colombo

Longing to host your own BBQ soirée and thinking of a way to find a service which offers good food for fair rates?


21430280_455309208202212_8533788420974134761_nAfter doing so much of fact-finding, we finally decided to settle with BBQ Junkies in Colombo which has earned an ‘up to par’ excellence in grilled food23140414_10159648744590235_96246814_n serving within a very short period of time.

The first impression of contact is excellent where they just take the tension off your head, by understanding the exact requirement in order to cater the needs thus meeting the expectations of a salubrious event! The real deal is BBQ Junkies would take charge of everything related to your event from creating a customized theme (back yard, pool side, garden, out door, beach etc.) just for your pleasure and excitement to cooking, displaying and serving food, making it an enduring day of your life!



Whoa!! The range of nom noms offered by BBQ Junkies is definitely one of a kind!  Their fresh out look and righteous blend of flavors and savors would undoubtedly be some love at first sight- and you will never regret your choice in making them a part of your celebration!


The menu is so well extensive and 22195349_465243813875418_5612991202096488382_nthere are several options for vegetarians to choose from-which is a huge plus.

Garden-fresh vegetables and right-from-the-shore sea food would not only please your taste buds and tummy but also make a tip-top out shot on your health-as the additives and oils are highly limited and kept in good trim.


Gourmet BBQ service offered by BBQ junkies tops the list of food joints we have been trying out all this time as they so well know their facts on rubbing meat and grilling the cuisine within the hold. Their delectably creative menu has a variety of options to choose from. May you be a lover of Mexican, Spanish, British, Arabic or Indian food-let them handle it for your satisfaction and you would never rue!


BBQ Junkies have a good gamut of sauces which are rich in lip smacking and tongue dropping flavors. Solely made of authentic spices and native flavors of different food cultures, these sauce types will complete a proper BBQ food experience!


Our choices


Grilled Chicken Fajita Kebabs

The Mexican style Fajita chicken grilled on skewers with veggies comes in handy, as starters just for the pleasure of your taste buds!

Why not letting your tummy stretch some more for good food to step in including drinks, mains and desserts?

Grilled Garlic Bread

Well, are you a fan of Garlic, a vegetarian and concerned about your health more than the rest? You don’t need to stay away from your BBQ partying friends just because their preferences are different from yours. BBQ Junkies does have a choice for every foodie out there-catering their customized necessities and Grilled garlic bread is something like that! Have a bite of  this crispy and savory appetizer of joy and and yes it was one of my most favorites- of the list!




Green is my favorite color so are Salads. BBQ Junkies have a scope of salad options including their signature Potato Salad with Celary and Garden Salad.

Potato salad with Celary was the closest to my heart and it was enriched with a high-end presentation and tummy craving taste.

Hint: Try with BBQ sauce to encounter the finest tang!




Garden salad which is enriched with olives Jalapenos pickles, tomatoes, ,lettuce and cucumber topped is BBQ Junkies’ special drizzle and definitely a must-try for all the healthy heads out there.


Spanish core dish Vegetable Paella

This vibrant salver from SPAIN, newly out boarded to the BBQ Junkies menu is a must-try rice dish for vegetarians and its richness in authentic flavors will make your tummy crave for more and more.

P.S. Yes, it sure tastes so good just like the way it looks!



The mission of BBQ JUNKIES is “to provide authentic, award winning, slow-smoked gourmet BBQ and incredible service in a fun and clean atmosphere with outstanding service” 23163514_10159648744225235_1439518916_n and unquestionably they will reach this objective in no time as the service already hits the sky with its amazing customer care, professional hosting and food based services, offered.




Their full menu can be downloaded from here.

Location: 46, Lumbini Avenue Pirivena Road Ratmalana Sri Lanka
Colombo, Sri Lanka
077 065 6898

Info and pictures: BBQ Junkies

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