Bento Box- The treasure locker of Japanese foodies @ YUMI Taj Samudra

Japanese Bento Box @ Yumi Taj Samudra

Tori Tori Bento Box at YUMI Taj Samudra is a definite must-try if you are a die hard fan of Japanese food! This Bento box costs only Rs.1990 (15$) and extremely worth trying out because one single portion would fill not only your tummy up but also the mind without any question!

Offered with Miso soup, Yumi Salad, Sashimi (of chef’s choice-we had TUNA sashimi), Teriyaki cooked chicken with sesami, Sticky rice and pickled cabbage and Wasabi Tori Teri Bento comes in an elegant box, which looked more or less like a pretty Jewelry box in handy!

Sadly, this Teri Tori Bento box of joy is only available for lunch and we determined to hunt more like this at various other Japanese food joint in Colombo as it is one of the best choices to satisfy a hungry body!

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