My love for green tea stands amongst most of the other obsessions and Matcha hit me like a train right after its entree to my book of food life! This pretty and elegant drink of green will take your breathe away as it is not just another latte, but something which revitalize your mind and adrenalize your body!



Matcha- pronounced as ‘Muh-chuh’ (finely powdered green tea), the newest entree to the beverage scenario in the world originally hails from Japan-the country in which ancient traditions are well fused with modern ways of life.

Munnar Tea hills

Many eras back, Zen monks have started using this miracle beverage to enhance their focus during meditation whereas Samurai warriors drank cups and cups of this to top them up with energy.

Why Matcha is quite expensive than the rest?

Yes, Matcha is definitely quite expensive than the rest of those green tea types, not merely due to its taste, but the health benefits, owned. The impact on Matcha on the overall health is unbelievable and known to be containing several anti oxidants-to fight against cancers!


The harvesting process is also said to be tougher than other green tea traits-where the leaves are perfectly powdered and fine-tuned before being introduced to the market. In fact, the top-most fertile soils are selected to plant the seeds and twenty days before harvesting, leaves and other shading mechanism are used to enhance the chlorophyll thus raising the leaves to turn out to give their deepest green.

Best Matcha leaves are hand-picked by tea- farmers and followed by air-blasting, steaming, dried in a heated oven and lastly stone ground by a traditional Japanese grinding mortar. This entire process goes on for at least one hour to prepare 40g of Matcha powder.

How to choose the best Matcha in town?

When you make a Matcha yourself or order one at a cafe, a good recipe with excellent Matcha will show up with a vibrant green, silky froth like cream on top, which is quite similar to some fine ‘crema’ on a well expressed coffee.


A well-prepared Matcha is not bitter at all and would please your taste buds just as the first smack hits in!

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