Lankans-The fire tasters and ‘Nai miris’

‘Nai-miris’, the red-hot delight, which rules most of the Sri Lankan kitchens-no matter it is urban or rural or luxurious or authentic, is my favorite chillie flavor out of all. Being a gastronome, who prefers savory over sweets at any given time,


find each and every dish tossed with ‘Nai Miris’, heavenly!

This tear-wiping kind of fiery spicy was initially introduced to Asia, by Portuguese-as the stories of Christopher Columbus who crossed Caribbean oceans claim. Cultivated by monks in Spain and Portugal monasteries, this Chilli easily replaced most of the pepper types which were then used around Europe.

More favorably grown in wet and cooler areas in the country including Nuwaraeliya, Hatton and Bandarawela, Nai Miris, is of a shape similar to cherries less elongated than a normal green chillie we often see. This unique name-‘Nai Miris’ was given after a sharp and fiery sting of King Cobra and depicts how hot it would taste-which is definitely not a choice for faint-hearted!

I prefer Nai Miris added to any dish especially in Pol Sambol  which plays a role of happiness when it comes to my daily meals. I would taste them, wipe tears off my eyes, taste back and cry until the heat fades off-but no regrets at all, as it never fails to relinquish me with the best food experience all the time.

Not only that!! Adding some spice to my story of punch, Some psychology experts suggest that this alluring food flavor promptly release endorphins, one of the hormones produced by the brain which are responsible in making you gleeful and happy! Well, to me, it is highly true and why don’t you try it at least once in a while to get the red-hot fiery experience of islanders?


DIY: Try ‘Nai Miris Sambol’ with ‘Pol Rotti’ followed by a hot cup of plain tea (ginger flavored) with a piece of Jaggery (‘Hakuru’) and you would experience one of the most divine tastes in life!!!

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