People, passion & food

People, passion & Food-what else you need to live and what else you need to enjoy your life? Food plays a major role in our lives and this is why we, at #FOODCOMA, decided to keep our hands on a new end-in view to give our foodie readers, a shot to share their food related experiences with us.

With the inbox over flowing with messages from our lovely readers, we thought of ushering our ‘People, Passion & Food’ column in with Chameera Pathinayaka, a lovely foodie22539853_1472702266147271_1062366102029063895_n - Copy as well as an explorer who spends most of her free time, trying out yummy chows!

Being a professional in a reputed company, Chameera never fails to find some time for trying out new food recipes from her busy schedule and how lucky her loved ones would be to try out yummy nom noms in a daily basis?!! 😀

So here we go to know more about her food life!!!

  • Where did your passion for food come from?21768166_1450021245082040_4396364035487843335_n - Copy

I enjoy cooking a lot. While my mother persuaded me to try out new food since childhood, I eventually learnt the tricks and ties on how to cook deliciously.

  • Were you involved in the process of cooking as a kid at home?

Well, I didn’t know anything about cooking during my early child hood, even though I used to help my mom to prepare breakfast. However, when I was 8 years old, I could prepare “Pol sambol” so well with my own tiny little tricks and secret ingredients! (laughs!!)

  • Why did you think of taking photographs of food you prepare?

Photography is my dearly passion and hobby next to food! So I would love taking photographs of each and every food I prepare and sometimes share in social media, so that next time I prepare the same food, I would remember how my first try worked and how much I have improved! 22046662_1456212651129566_24669964170931121_n - Copy

  • Which is your all-time favorite recipe?

Oh my god!! I would love to have Creamy chicken soup and Lasagna, at any time of the day!

  • Where do you find these recipes?

Well, I find most of my recipes from You Tube and cooking groups in which new food news are shared. Then comes my mother, from whom I get advice, especially when it comes to traditional food which needs some expert knowledge in getting the classic taste and flavor.20526042_1410026555748176_2984593984139511535_n On top of everything, I love trying out my own recipes which has a blend of colors, textures and flavors!

  • Besides cooking how do you spend your leisure time?

Haha, it’s all about cooking! I spend my leisure time, finding recipes, cooking and sharing them with my loved ones-and at other times, I would work or sleep! (LOL )

22406324_1466736900077141_6885866773754467856_n - Copy


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