Indian Summer LK-with authentic Desi food which blew our minds

Indian Summer LK is a fine dining restaurant located in the Horton Place which serves authentic Indian food. It is one of those which belongs to the chain of restaurants, owned by a collaboration of management representing Sri Lanka and India.30008167_1235593496576741_1913766416_n

So, on this one fine Sunday afternoon we made our way to this place, as the tummies were craving for something spicy and story of our visit unfolds from here.

30184902_1235591326576958_28244738_nHow we got to know about the place

Indian Summer LK carries a name of significance for the authentic Indian food it serves since some time. Our good friend suggested us the place but we were frankly wondering if there would be adequate parking as the location is by the busy main road. We anyway got the chance of trying and made the move but to our surprise, ample parking was available at the back yard of the restaurant with security in addition.


Trust me, this is one of the most relaxing outdoor sights I have seen at restaurants in Colombo. The Garden Café, they have named, carries some super calm mood, giving the feeling of relaxation as we enter the place. I really loved the structure of glass with water pouring down which gave out a soothing sound to ears and I wish I could sit at their outdoors without going in-just to feel the tranquility.30121002_1235591069910317_236679302_n.jpg

Indoor deco of Indian Summer LK is full of hues and vibrance, carrying a grand touch on it. The combination of Orange, Green and Gold, was definitely a good choice, as it gave the real Indian dust to the place. The seating arrangement was comfortable and arranged in varying numbers to choose from, as per our choice.


To our surprise, there is a banquet hall at upstairs of Indian Summer LK which can accommodate up to 250 guests and it targets office functions, inauguration ceremonies, Birthday parties etc. The food is served as per the choice of the customers and could be arranged either as a buffet or set menu.

We loved the colors on walls and the interior designs of this hall, as it gave a classy look which blew our minds away. 30118425_1235590856577005_475916466_nThere could have been a little bit of improvement of the scenery outside when looking out from this hall, but we couldn’t expect more in a place which is situated in the heart of Colombo with lots of sky-high cement structures around.



Food and drinks

Food at Indian Summer LK is prepared by a group of chefs from India. The spices used are also imported from India, which is probably why the entire place was full of some native Indian fragrance which reminded me of a song from the Hindi movie-‘Veer Zaara’ out of nowhere.

We had a plate of Fried Shrimps and Papads as appetizers which came with some colorful sauces. The sauces didn’t actually have any taste except for the Tomato one, but we loved the way, the whole thing was served.


We also tried Fresh Papaya juice and Mango Lassi which deserve 10/10 as the flavors were yummy and filling.


Next came the basket of “Assorted Roti” which consisted of Naan, “Paratha, Kulcha, Tandoori Roti to our table with Chicken Tikka Masala and Paneer. This combo was a killer, let me say and no wonder the chefs are from INDIA and the spices are all Indian, because I have never tasted this sort of perfect Chicken and Paneer from anywhere else. 30118766_1235593429910081_417667952_n.jpgThe NAANs carries some different texture and a design as they were packed in the basket and made a pretty sight.

The NAANs at Indian Summer LK come in different choices which include, Cheese NAAN, Garlic NAAN and Mutton NAAN.


Next came the Mutton Biriyani served with Butter Chicken and oh my god, my colleague who never liked Biriyani or its flavors finished the whole of the pot which was supposed to be serving at least 1-2 people. The authenticity of the food was preserved at its best and I really crave to go back and taste the menu once again.



We also tried Mango and Strawberry mocktails after the mains which deserve a BIG THUMB UP as the flavors were spot-on with a revitalizing taste.30184527_1235590426577048_562984220_n

NOTE: Some would say the prices at Indian Summer LK are towards the high end but let me say the portions could be shared among 6-8 to people which is totally worth the money you spend!

Hospitality and service

The colors, interiors and the fragrance of the entire place were welcoming along with the friendly staff who directed us to choose the BEST of the menu to go for. Special thanks to Ms. Khadija who is the Ass. Manager of Indian Summer LK for the appreciable welcome and hospitality through-out the visit.

Unique Icons



We thought we know most of the things about those restaurants in Colombo until the news popped up that Indian Summer LK has a Shisha Lounge.

We really wanted to see how Shisha is prepared so took the chance of seeing it for real. The staff at this beautiful place carries a good knowledge about the preparation as we watched the handling of the tubes and the equipment which came in flavors including  GRAPE, MINT, DOUBLE APPLE, APPLE NAKLA, ORANGE and CHERRY.

The outdoor Garden Café with greenery hues and the soothing sound of water pouring down the glass windows is the ideal place to try Shisha-as we felt.

One Shisha round- which would approximately serve 3-4 people for 1 hours costs Rs. 2100.00 which is actually a good price.

The overall price range

Rs.1500-2000 per person

NOTE: The price per portion would seem to be towards the high-end but it serves 3-4 people so there is a definite good value for money.

Food Coma LK grade

  • Ambience-10/10
  • Food and drinks-10/10
  • Hospitality-10/10


For more pictures from our visit:

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